Nordic Matter

To matter in the new world you change lives for the better, shift the society forward, make the world more alive and create value in the most progressive ways.

Nordic Matter is a platform for change and positive impact. This is an invite to work with us and join others to make a difference.

We are part strategic consultancy, part creative agency and part social movement. We exist to bring together the leading agencies, enlightened entrepreneurs and top talent to help companies and organizations advance with progressive Nordic ideas and ideals.

At heart, we combine the capacities of explorative research, agile strategy, participatory design and honest marketing. This allows us to help you become responsive for the sweeping digital, social and ecological change. Create clarity of purpose and passion for making a difference. Build lovable solutions and platforms for meaningful growth and impact at scale. And engage people with captivating stories and experiences that make a real difference.

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Nordic Circle

To make change happen we are building Nordic Circle, our collaborative global assembly of progressive change makers, designers, strategists and creatives. Together we are ready to lead change across the sectors of media, food, design, technology, culture, health, urban development, transportation, housing and beyond. So if you want to do your life’s work in making the world more alive and well, let us know.

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